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How Do I Change My Email Address?

Hey, I Got a New Email Address!

Changing your email address is easy. From your Game Dashboard, click on MY PROFILE then PRIVACY AND NOTIFICATION SETTINGS. Once there, you will be able to enter a new email address in the email address field. Then, click SAVE in the lower right corner. Don't enter anything in the password field unless you wish to change that as well.

This change will be effective immediately for login and in-game emails (such as notifications about scoring.) Within a day or two, all content emails will also switch over to the new email address. If that fails to happen, or if you want to be more pro-active in that regard, please use your personalized email preferences link we include at the bottom of every email we send to make the change there as well.

Please avoid putting anything in the password fields unless you would like to change your password as well. In that case, enter the same new password in both fields. Upon clicking SAVE your new email and password will be your new login credentials.


I Don't Have Access to My Old Email Address Anymore

That's no problem, please log in to the Whole Life Challenge and use the instructions above to change your email address. You don't need access to the old account to make the change or to log in.

I Keep Getting an Error, the New Email Won't Save

If you receive the error, "Invalid email address," you know that the email address you are trying to change to has another profile already in our system. In that case, please either choose a different new email address or contact so we can help you out.

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