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The Finals Board

Do You Want a Finals Board?

Team Captains — if you’d like to have a Finals Board for your Team showing final team rankings at the end of the Challenge, you’ll need to set an Official Fitness Measurement and an Official Body Measurement for your players. Rankings are based on three factors:

  1. Daily Scores on the 7 Habits
  2. Improvements in the Fitness Measurement
  3. Improvements in the Body Measurement

Please note that if you don’t set up Fitness and Body Measurements for your team  (and complete them yourself) you won’t have a Finals Board, making this an important step in creating a great experience for your team.

Please also note, the Finals Board is NOT the same as the daily Leaderboard, which only takes Daily Scores on the 7 Habits into account.

Read on to learn how to complete this important step.

Background on the Self-Assessment

The Self-Assessment process has 3 Phases:

  • Phase 1: Players enter height and weight, answer 3 quality of life questions, and record their personal goal for the Challenge.
  • Phase 2: Players enter a workout measurement, waist and hip measurements, answer 8 additional quality of life questions, and upload a “before” photo.  If they complete this phase by the end of Day 14 of the Challenge, they’ll receive an Indulgence Token.
  • Phase 3: Players enter bloodwork measurements — triglycerides, LDL/HDL, glucose levels, and A1C markers — along with body fat percentage, resting heart rate, and blood pressure.

Phase 1 happens during the introductory tour, Phase 2 is optional (but many will complete it, and we highly recommend it for all players), and Phase 3 is completely optional — and can be completed with any amount of information the player chooses.

Your job as the Team Captain is to choose an Official Fitness Measurement and an Official Body Measurement for your team to focus on.

Which Measurements from the Self-Assessment can I Choose?

Official Fitness Measurements:

  • Mile Time: How long does it take you to complete a 1 mile run/walk at maximum effort?
  • Maximum set of pushups: How many pushups can you do in a single set?
  • 2-minute Maximum situps: How many situps can you do in 2 minutes?
  • 2-minute Maximum squats: How many air squats can you do in 2 minutes?
  • Custom: A workout of your own design that is measured in time or score (repetitions or weights).

Official Body Measurements:

  • Weight (scale)
  • Hip and Waist measurements (tape measure)
  • Body Fat Percentage

Important to know: The Finals Board will not display actual measurements by player. Rather, it will show the percentage of change over the course of the Challenge, keeping actual measurements private from the full team (and increasing player confidence).

How do I set the Official Fitness and Body Measurement?

Just log in to your Account, then go to the Admin tab, and select Game Admin.

This is what you will see:

To choose which measurement you’d like to use (one from each category, Fitness and Body Measurement), simply click EDIT, choose the radio button next to your selection, and click SAVE. Note, you won’t be able to save unless you select one from each category (one Fitness and one Body Measurement).

What will my players see?

When your players enter the Self-Assessment section of their in-game profile (My Profile > Self-Assessment), they’ll see:

  • A notification that the Team Captain has created the Official Self Assessment measurements
  • The Captain icon next to the Official Fitness and Body Measurement

This is what you will see:They’ll then complete your designated measurements, ensuring that they’ll appear in your Team’s Final Rankings.

What should I do now?

  1. Choose your Official Team Measurements
  2. Remind your players to complete the Self-Assessment measurements before the end of Week 1 of the Challenge
  3. At the end of Week 1, check to ensure that your players have completed their Official Measurements.

How do I check if my players have completed the Official Team Measurements?

Navigate to the Admin section, then the Game Admin tab, and simply scroll down. You’ll see which players have their scores entered (and which don't), allowing you to follow up.

This is what you will see:

Your Finals Board Is Set Up!

Hopefully, you'll find these features as exciting as we do. As always, if you need any assistance, just contact the Whole Life Challenge help desk, and we'll get back to you right away.

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