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Partner Quick Start Checklist

For scorecards, sign-up sheets, and other materials, please see our Marketing Resources pages here.

For a printable version of this checklist, click here.

Understand the Game

Tools for Building Your Team

Our Partner Tool Kit is the ultimate Whole Life Challenge Start Up Kit for our partners. It includes:

  • A Promotional Calendar - So you know when and what to do.
  • Pre-Game Huddle - Ideas for hosting a kick off event
  • Email Templates - To invite players to join your team.  
  • Social Assets - To promote your team on social media.
  • Marketing Poster - To raise awareness in your place of business.
  • Captain's Posts - Motivating posts to keep your players engaged throughout the Challenge
  • Engagement Raffle - Ideas for raffles to keep your players participating

Prep for the Challenge

  • Choose the team's Official Measurements if you want to have a Finals Board at the end of the Challenge
  • Plan if you want to give away prizes for winners

During the Challenge

  • Write Captain's Posts
  • Read and comment on all reflections
  • Check the engagement stats in your admin panel for people who have fallen off and personally reach out to them to get them back in the game
    • Encourage your players to host their own events (pot-lucks, group dinners), share recipes, and engage in food-swaps (or do it yourself)
    • Schedule outside events specifically around the Challenge (things like hikes, yoga classes in the park, WLC-compliant BBQs, 10 minute stretching breaks during the work out)

Completing the Challenge 

  • Plan a final event to congratulate players, announce winners and give away prizes
  • Remind your team about completing their final assessment
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