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Food Lists for Performance, Lifestyle, and Kickstart Levels (omnivore)

Choosing your nutrition level in the Whole Life Challenge is one of the most important parts of getting your game set up. We recommend you start here, with an overview... so you can compare the differences between the 3 nutrition levels, and make a choice for the one that is a slight stretch from where you are today.

COMPARE the differences between the Performance, Lifestyle, and Kickstart levels:   Google Doc

For a more detailed look at each level, check out the following:

KICKSTART LEVEL - Suggested and Non-compliant Foods List:  Google Doc

LIFESTYLE LEVEL  - Suggested and Non-compliant Foods List:  Google Doc

PERFORMANCE LEVEL -  Suggested and Non-compliant Foods List Google Doc

If you would like a PDF of the above, simply open the Google doc you want then click on the FILE menu > DOWNLOAD > PDF.

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