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Well-Being Practices - You Have Options!

Well-Being Practice Options

While we encourage to give each Well-Being Practice a try, especially if you're new to the Whole Life Challenge, we understand that sometimes it's just not a good fit for you. Here are some from the past that you can choose from if that's the case for a given week of the Challenge.

Meditation, Journaling, and Ritual

  • Journal — 3 ways follow the daily prompt, lists of 3 (things that worked/didn't work, things to be grateful for), or diary
  • Breathing — 10-minute daily breathing practice
  • Naikan Reflection — Journaling practice about 100% responsibility
  • Bedtime Ritual — Create a short personal ritual to prepare yourself for a restful night's sleep
  • Mindful Breathing — 10-minute breathing practice focused on your physical experience and sensations
  • Morning Routine — Create a regular morning routine for yourself to anchor your day
  • Do Nothing Time — Take 10 minutes to do nothing, just be present
  • Intentional Unwinding — Take a 10-minute unwinding break between the end of your work and the start of your evening
  • Create and Use a Space — Identify or create a personal space in your home or elsewhere you can go to calm and restore yourself.

Something for Others


  • Gratitude for People — Each day, write down the name of someone in your life and say why that person is important
  • Write a Thank-you Note — Each day, write and send a handwritten thank-you note to someone in your life
  • Jar of Awesome — Each day, write down what was great about the day and stick it in your "Jar of Awesome"
  • Appreciations — Each day, identify someone you appreciate and write down why. Follow that with something you appreciate about yourself
  • Morning Gratitude — Within one hour of waking, spend at least ten minutes creating a mental list of all the things you are grateful for 
  • See the Beauty — Each day, take a moment, at any moment, to find something that you consider beautiful and snap a photo of it


  • Use it or Lose It — Each day, identify something you haven't used in a long time. Use it or get rid of it - donate it or give it away
  • Organize a Space — Organize a physical or virtual space in your life
  • Leave no Trace — Identify a space that you typically leave cluttered. Whenever you use that space this week, straighten it up before you leave it

Something for You/Joy

  • Sounds Like Fun — Do something each day this week simply because it sounds like fun to you
  • Laughter — Find some way each day to make yourself laugh
  • That's my Jam — Find a song that positively affects your mood and play it for yourself every day
  • Do Something you Love — Do something just because you love it


  • Call Your Shot — Decide, before 9am, on the most important thing to do today and do it by the end of the day
  • Morning Question — Each morning, answer the question: What would success look like today? Write it down and make it happen by the end of the day
  • Most Important Goal — Write down a list of your most important goals. Each day, remove the least important from the list until you have only the most important one 
  • 1-2-3 To-do — Each day, write down 1 thing that must get done, 2 things you'd like to get done, and 3 that would be nice to get done. Get at least the "must do" done
  • Brain Toss — When you find yourself with things rolling around in your head you don’t want to act on immediately, stop and make note of them
  • Goal Reminder — Identify three goals - one short term, one medium, and one long. Rewrite them each day
  • Golden Hour — Shut down your electronics and mine the gold in your life: do things that are personal and enriching for you.


  • No Media Meals — Disconnect from all electronic media when having a meal - no phones, computers, tv, tablets
  • Use Electronics Responsibly — Use social media and online forums only in ways that represent your best self — honest, kind, compassionate, supportive, et cetera.
  • Devices Down — Pick a common scenario when you use your phone because you are bored. Intentionally leave your phone in your pocket or purse during those moments 
  • Big 4 — Limit your visits to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to one visit each per day
  • Social Media Blackout — No social media all week unless it's for work
  • Digital Detox — Create physical distance between you and your phone for at least 10 minutes - take a walk, hang with a friend, run errands, but leave your phone behind


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