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Prize Packages and Awards

You can manage winners and prizes in any way you deem appropriate. Prizes are recommended, but not required. If you do decide to give away prizes, start planning well in advance. Here are some ideas:

How the WLC determines the winner

1. After all of your data has been entered, your players will be ranked numerically in each category of the challenge:

  • Daily accountability (score on the scoreboard)
  • Workout improvement
  • Measurement improvement

NOTE: In the event of ties, each player will receive the same numerical ranking (n), giving the next player a ranking of (n + the number of players with the identical rank), e.g. If there are five ties in any category for 10th place, each player with identical scores will receive the 10th place rank, while the next player with a new ranking will be ranked 15th.

2. The categories will be weighted as follows:

  • Accountability (points on scoreboard) rank: 50%
  • Workout improvement rank (percent improvement): 25%
  • Measurement improvement rank (percent improvement): 25%

3. The winner for your Official Team is the player with the lowest combined ranking based on the combination of those three rankings.

  • This means that a player need not be in first place in any category in order to win. In the past many different combinations of rankings have taken prizes, so it is important to emphasize participation in all aspects of the Challenge.

Awards – Cash & Prizes

You can manage awards in any way you deem appropriate. Awards are recommended but not required. Past affiliates have provided cash awards with great success. And many communities have had great success obtaining event sponsors and rewarding winners with prize packages.

Here are some ideas for awarding prizes:

  • Give awards to the first, second, and third-place overall winners from any given level (from the same level).
  • Give awards to the first-place winner for each of the three levels (Performance, Lifestyle, and Kick Start).
  • Give a prize to the person who had the most spirit (as voted on by other members).
  • Give a prize to the person who most improved his or her level of fitness, as measured by workout improvement.

These prizes can be cash, services, or goods. Here are some ideas:

  • Give items from your pro-shop, like coconut water, wrist wraps, t-shirts, etc.
  • Set aside a total amount of cash to give away. We recommend that this amount is no more than half the total amount of revenue you make from enrolling people into the Whole Life Challenge. Then decide how you want to allot this fund.
  • Scavenge the neighborhood for retailers or service providers that love your business. Ask them for gift certificates or products. (Local restaurants with WLC-compliant menus love to give gift certificates!) Then be sure to promote the heck out of these sponsors—on your website, during meetings, in newsletters, and at your events. Thank them BIG, and they might sponsor your next Whole Life Challenge.
  • Ask members of your team, gym or business who own service businesses to donate their services or products. Be sure to promote and thank these sponsors, too!

If your team consists solely of employees, you could reward the top six with prizes like: an extra day of vacation or a prime parking spot. Whatever you do, have fun, and make a big deal out of the winner!

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